Minister Suharso : Bappenas Work Plan in 2022

JAKARTA, KT – Minister of National Development Planning/Head of Bappenas presented a number of work plans for the Ministry of National Development Planning for the 2022 fiscal year. This was conveyed in a joint working meeting with Commission XI of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Wednesday (9/6/2021).

The program is classified based on 4 main functions of Bappenas, namely planning function, allocation function, control function, and support function.

*Main activities based on the planning function include:*

1. Preparation of 2023 RKP.

2. Preparation of RPJPN 2025-2045 (Preparation of academic texts and preparation of the draft body of the RPJPN Bill 2025-2045).

3. The National Capital Relocation Plan (IKN) through the Secretariat and Operations of the IKN Public Communication Team.

4. Development of Geopark Development Funding Pattern.

5. Coordination of the Implementation of One Indonesian Data (SDI).

6. Study on the Implementation of Indonesia’s Economic Transformation Roadmap.

*Main activities based on the allocation function including:*

1) Strengthening the synchronization of the planning application (KRISNA) with the budgeting application (SAKTI).

2) Study on the implementation of Indonesia’s Economic Transformation Roadmap.

3) Search for sources of non-APBN development funding, including Government and Business Entity Cooperation (PPP), private investment (PMDN and PMA), BUMN and innovative financing.

*Main activities based on the control function include:*

1) Monitoring and controlling the achievement of the 2022 RKP targets/targets through e-monev.

2) Evaluation of the implementation of the 2021 RKP.

3) Dashboard to monitor the handling of Covid-19 and the progress of SDGs implementation.

4) Strategic coordination in accelerating National Economic Recovery and Social Reform.

5) Strengthening the national food system and developing a food estate (Food Production Center Area).

6) Acceleration of welfare development in Papua and West Papua.

*Main activities based on the enabler function including:*

1) Carry out the role as focal point for the Delegation of the Republic of Indonesia (Delri) for the Development Working Group (G-20 Development Working Group)

2) Capacity building for regional development planning: development and training of regional planners, and technical guidance on regional planning.

3) Development of Development Innovation Model

A. Indonesia’s low carbon development:

– Assistance to Local Governments to prepare local low carbon development plans

– Improved projected low carbon development targets

– Facilitation of monitoring, evaluation and reporting of local governments

B. Coastal Community Empowerment (Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Program-Coral Triangle Initiative/COREMAP-CTI)

4) Increasing the Participation of Non-Governmental Partnerships through

a. Knowledge Sharing South-South and Triangular Cooperation: to support trade and investment.

b. Coordination of Sustainable Development Goals/SDGs: determination and dissemination of the 2020-2025 National Action Plan (RAN), facilitation of the preparation of Regional Action Plans (RAD), Festivals and the establishment of innovative financing institutions (Non APBN) and the SDGs Annual Conference.

c. Business partnerships between farmers and market partners through Promoting Rural Income Through Support for Market in Agriculture

5) Development of digital village monograph trials.

6) Strengthening institutions and regulations, strengthening development assistance institutions, developing competency-based Education and Training programs, certification, supporting policies (regulation, recognition (remuneration levels and career paths), data and information).