Minister Suharso Will Attend G20 Forum in Italy

JAKARTA, KT – Minister of National Development Planning is scheduled to attend the G20 Ministerial Meeting, 2021 Development Working Group, which will take place from 29-30 June 2021 at Matera and Brindisi, Italy.

The purpose of this meeting are, first, as a Joint Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Ministers of Development of the G20 for the first time held in the history of the G20, namely at the Italian G20 Presidency in 2021. This meeting is in line with the ambition of the Italian Presidency which places the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the core of the main agenda.

Second, this meeting aims to gather political direction regarding the role of the G20 in supporting the response to the food security crisis in developing countries to achieve the goal of SDG 2 Zero Hunger by 2030.

This meeting will agree on the Matera Declaration which contains the agreement of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and the Ministers of Development of the G20 to prioritize food security, nutrition, and food systems, in 7 main areas of action.

The seven things include increasing catalytic investment for food security as part of an emergency fund for Covid-19 recovery efforts, accelerating adaptation of agriculture and food systems to climate change, keeping international food trade flows open while strengthening diversified local supply chains for food. fresh and nutritious, expand social protection programs and measures, promote a holistic science-based approach to One Health, implement the empowerment of women and youth in rural-urban areas, and support the Food Coalition, which is an initiative of the Italian G20 Presidency, as a global alliance to spark action coordinated efforts for global food security, complementing existing global initiatives.

Things discuss in the meeting included the global situation related to food security. The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the food security crisis in many developing countries; The Global Goal of achieving Zero Hunger may not meet the target by 2030. According to FAO projections, even before Covid-19, more than 840 million people are projected to suffer from hunger by 2030. The Covid-19 crisis could add another 100 million people to the figure. malnutrition in the world.

Another discussion is about the expected response from the G20, among others, the G20, through the Development Working Group, can lead the international community to overcome the food security crisis from its root causes.

Next, G20 must adopt a comprehensive approach and combine short-term emergency response actions with long-term strategies.

Finally, G20 must act quickly to mobilize the international community to end hunger and build resilient food systems in developing countries. Klik izinkan notifikasi untuk menerima berita dan pembaruan dari kami
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